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happy april.


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im getting very distracted from unpacking my house. i found boxes of all my college notebooks. i dont know why im keeping them. theyre going in the trash. but i did find one notebook with some stuff in it. in the month of january in the year 2003….i spent only $95.40 the whole month. 

i spent $29 on gas. one tank. one month. nice.

i bought some perfume for $3.15, a shirt for $3.25, and a skirt for $20 (20 is a little much…i dont know what i was thinking.)

i went out to dinner one time and spent $2. one time!!! if i make it one week without going out to eat even once, i applaud myself.

i went to a concert for $10. probably winter jam. it was january.

i bought my friend a birthday present for $6. cheap.

i spent $1 at target on candy and $14 on cds.

i saw one movie for $7. i was wondering what movie i might have seen. good thing i wrote it down. im sad to say it wasnt a very cool movie…it was called “a guy thing.” i looked it up and i vaguely remember seeing this replayed on tv once. i wonder who i went and saw it with. someone crazy probably.

i wrote down everything i bought and how much it was from january to june in this notebook. then i went to college. and got a visa. and stopped writing everything down. and started online shopping. 

i should probably paint my room. ill wait till tomorrow. kbye.


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i have a house. today i painted every room. and my sister drove an hour and half to help me. she is nice. there are alot of things that go along with having a house. like leaky sinks. dishwashers that dont work. and dead bugs everywhere. thanks to boys who know how to do things. now i am getting ready for bed with my two sisters. we all get to share a room tonight. happy birday cj.

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