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dont whine in ’09


Knocked Up – Lykke Li

Anonanimal – Andrew Bird

Lullaby Haze – Mates of State

Cast a Hook – Laura Veirs

Remember the Good Things – Milosh

The First Picture – n*grandjean

Courtship Dating – Crystal Castles

Helen of Troy – Telefon Tel Aviv

Hazelton – Justin Vernon

Be Somebody – Kings of Leon

Yashanti – Yael Naim

Street Lights – Kanye West

The River – Anathallo

Room Without a Key – Rubies

The Same Old Song – Iron and Wine

Hold My Breath – Milosh

Theresa – Citizen Cope

Blueberry Pancakes – Fink

Love Letter to Japan – The Bird and the Bee



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this is stupid, but whenever i get on facebook, those annoying ads that are on the side freak me out. it doesnt matter what ive been doing that day, talking about that day, or thinking about that day, the ads know. they always know! the other day i saw a commercial for teeth whitening. i thought in my head (in my head! not even out loud!)….hmm i should get some of that. next day theres a teeth whitening ad on the side of facebook. ive been sitting here on my computer watching the office, then i get on facebook. theres an ad about the worlds best boss. im not kidding…this thing reads your mind, picks up what you talk about to your friends, and can figure you out. and its freaking me out. just keep an eye for them. youll see.

oh and this is what i did today:



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50 people. one question.

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2009 music coming soon. ive decided to share my amazing talent of creating mix cds with the world. january is on its way.

also…this is awesome.

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most photographed month of 2008 = december with 2,507 photographs.

least photographed month of 2008 = february with 16 photographs.

heres to 2008. and heres to oh nine.

please give me a sign in 2009.

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