1. tried to go to a new church but drove around for 1.5 hours and could not find it.

2. instead sat by the river in the cool crisp air and watched a rowing/crew competition.

3. checked that off my list of things to do before i die.

4. went to the chattanooga market. heard some bluegrass.

5. walked alot.

6. north shore antiques, greenlife, and cleveland save-a-lot.

7. saw john mayer at the antique store.

8. 3 weeks of work left.



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4 responses to “sunday

  1. Rachel

    In all, this was a successful day.

  2. charisjordan

    everytime you guys call me.. all you say is : “are you near a computer? we’re lost!”

    1. Rachel looks really pretty in that picture.
    2. Did you REALLY see j. mayer? or a lookalike?

  3. j mayer?
    why didnt you take a pic of HIM?

  4. the piano picture is crazyyyy!!!

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