sometimes when i purchase an item that costs a lot of money, i end up regretting it, or i end up wishing i would have waited a while. but i have never regretted any money spent on buying someone else a gift or money spent on traveling. i can go out and spend money on a trip and not think twice about it. and i never regret it. from now on, my money is either spent on someone else, or on traveling. lets go to new york!

secondly, yesterday my boss gave me this at work. i was really confused at first until someone told me these are very rare and that people pay big bucks for them online (you may have seen this little guy here before). im willing to negogiate if you are interested. i need money for trips!



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3 responses to “nomadic

  1. hahahaha
    that is so funny. i love it. put it on ebay!

    NYC, here we come!

  2. Rachel

    Before reading the bog I was just looking at the picture and I couldnt figure out what in the world that was.

  3. colleeneward

    this is hilarious! Did I see this at your house? I think not…

    How about a new blog post missy?

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