i was bored today and found this on flickr. this guy has photo collections from just about every state in the country. one day i would like to have this.

also yesterday at work i was talking to a woman on the phone. she was very polite and kind, and when i asked her for some information she gladly did whatever i asked her to do. then when we were just about finished with everything i asked her if she had anything else i could help her with. she hesitated for a second then she said in the cutest southern old lady voice, “well, im not very much alive right now, but thank you for helping me.” she was 92 years old. and apparently she was only half alive. but she was still pretty concerned about getting her dryer fixed.



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2 responses to “closer

  1. Jeffrey Prater

    Every time I dry clothes I feel more alive. All of the whirling and loose change clanging constantly.

  2. I will go with you to every state. Lets start in May.

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