i already knew this about myself, but was reaffirmed this fact over the weekend. i am an awkward person around children. i dont know what to say to them, and if put alone with children of any age, im clueless as to what to do. this shouldnt be the case because i have spent my whole life around children.

so put me in a room with 3 middle school girls and what do i do??? i show them the rockafire explosion (the video of the shobiz characters singing ushers song). i thought…hey these kids will like this…its chucke cheese!

they didnt laugh. i dont think they even knew who usher was. so we just watched hannah montana instead. and i guess i was the cool chaperone for letting them stay up late and have a pillow fight while i wasnt looking.

“you know what would be awesome….if you wore her beads with your shirt.” thank you overzealous barista for the fashion advice.



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3 responses to “green

  1. Rachel

    Well they’ll always think you are cool. At least you can drive.

    One of my kids today told me he already has a car. He is 11.

  2. gah, i miss you!
    barista needs to mind his own!

    PS youre good with alysha. texting and stuff. haha

  3. Rachel

    New Zealanders are also called Kiwis.

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