sometimes i wonder if we got all the lonely people in the world together…would they all just be a bunch of lonely people together or would they become unlonely since they had more people around them? answer please.



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3 responses to “elephant

  1. rmcdou00

    Well, we know that a group of lonely people would have at least one thing in common–they are or have been lonely.

  2. Luke

    huh. . . that is a tough question to be answered. but let me try:
    i think that if all the lonely people in the world got together then people who thought that they were lonely would see other people and it would make them instantly feel not as lonely. kinda like when you feel sad, then you hang out with someone who is way more sad than you it makes all your problems seem so small that they dont matter. thats kinda how i think it would work.

  3. Oliver

    funny, i’ve so gone there in thought before, and i think there are two separate ways of being lonely, 1 “hey, ive just moved and my whole world is new and im plowing new ground everywhere i go with nobody beside me…help!” and 2 an eternal, difficult to shake, burden of never feeling connected no matter your surroundings or circumstances, so i think the first type of loners would find comfort in another room of similar loners but the second type is dealing with a greater challenge then finding people to surround themselves with, and i totally think they can be surrounded by a million of the greatest faces and personality but thats all they will ever be (faces and personalities) if we cant put ourselves aside to connect, i think that loneliness is such a difficult place to depart from once youve arrived there, b/c even when youre ready to take off there never seems anyone to take off to or with even if they are standing right beside you, more simply put: loneliness is a problem of connection and not setting

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